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Bamboo Paper Towel Dispenser

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eBun Handmade Bamboo Paper Towel Dispenser – Cost effective way to reduce paper use at home/office without sacrifice interior looking with bulky commercial paper towel dispenser

Bring The Nature Inside! 

Add elements of nature into your living/working space with 100% handmade bamboo material.  A natural alternative to traditional wood products and provides an attractive aesthetic look to any indoor or outdoor. Perfect gift idea!

We Only Use The BEST Possible Materials

Strength – Crafted with 100% naturally grown 3-6 years old bamboo bringing you a trendy, modern look that’s durable, decorative and practical. Extremely resilient and requires very little maintenance, unlike plastic and chrome.

Duration – One of the strongest natural grown plant on the planet without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers thanks to its durability. It’s everlasting, widely used to support buildings and bridges in Asia even today.

Your “GO GREEN” Project –  Bamboo is environmentally sustainable regenerative plant works to remove CO2 emissions which also produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees.

100% BPA Free – Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, no BPA problems.

Appearance – Each bamboo has its own growth pattern and lines makes it naturally beautiful and unique.

Compatible With A Variety of Paper Towels

Capacity – Holds up to 150 C-Fold, 200 multifold folded paper towels (paper towels NOT included).

Cost Saving – Reduce the exclusive use of the expensive rolls of paper towel with the more economic single fold, C-fold or multifold paper towels.

Dual Dispensing, The Choice Is Totally Up To You!

Two Ways Dispensing When Wall-Mounted

Grab one sheet at a time single-handedly or take several from the top to quickly clean up a big spill.

Smart Mobility

Simply remove it from the wall for refill purpose or place it on the desk, or any counter surface to use as countertop folded paper towel dispenser. It goes great for the office, shop, kitchen, side of a cabinet, employee break room, etc.